The art of bread making in a slovenian brick oven
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Anni lives on a farm in the beautiful country of Slovenia. She has been making bread for over 40
years. She learned the craft from her mother and is happily passing her knowledge to present and
future generations.

First and foremost she has no exact measurements and temperatures. Bread is made by observing,
feeling and smell.

And this is how she does it:

- 5 kg of Flour (50% wheat,
50% all purpose)
- Salt
- Oil (vegetable)
- Milk (whole)
- Water
- Fresh Yeast
- Sugar, Egg mixed with milk

- Large Oval Tub
(aprox 12" deep x 30" long),
- Dough Scraper
- Wooden spoon for mixing
- Bowl for yeast
- 4 baton baskets with white
cotton or linen cloths
- Large heavy cotton or
linen sheet - cloth
- 4 Dish towels
- Flour pail with scoop
- Pot for warm water
- Sauce pan for warm milk -
Bowl for egg and milk
- Brush for egg and milk
- Flour sifter
Mix the egg and milk. Prepare the oven for baking, scrape the ashes; sweep the floor of the oven with a wet brush.
Roll the dough out of the baskets onto the peel, brush with the mixture of egg and milk, slash with a sharp knife,
place into the oven and close the door. Say a prayer and wait till the smell tells you that it is done (about 40 minutes).
Test if it is done by tapping on the bottom of the loaf - should sound like a drum. Cover with a cloth so you get nice
and not to hard crust.

Mix together warm water, oil, salt, prepare the yeast (mix yeast, spoon of sugar, spoon of
flour, and milk, cover the mixture and put it in a warm place - when it rises add it to the
flour mixture). Add water mixture to flour, mix it well and add yeast.
Knead the dough in the tub. Sprinkle flour over the cotton sheet, transfer the dough on
the sheet, knead till smooth, soft, and doesn't stick to your hands (keep adding flower as
needed). Transfer the dough back into the tub, cover and put it in a warm place. Let it
rest for about 30 min to an hour till the dough raises and doubles in size.
Start preparing the oven (which should still be warm from the previous day). Make a
fire with an appropriate type of wood (hardwood, no sap), let it burn till you have only
the coals left and the inside top of the oven is white. Oven is ready when you can hold
your hand in it for around 5 seconds. Transfer the dough on the sheet and cut it into
four pieces. Shape loafs by bringing sides to the top so that they touch in the middle.
Place each loaf into the baton basket, previously covered with floured cloth. Cover
with another cloth and let it rest and raise in a warm place (top of the brick oven) for
about an hour.
Since I really like to make bread I decided to make a poster that I will be able to frame and hang on my kitchen wall.
I would be happy to share it with you, so here it is. Just click on it and you will be able to order one.